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Why we love mercury

Mercury institute consists of a reputed and globally recognized lecture panel which has contributed to the high pass rates and world prize winners in CIMA and ACCA. Our lecturers have participated in division lectures and have built up confidence in students through means of clarification of doubts and motivation on subject matter. The lecture panel consists of lecturers holding Masters Degrees, FCCA, FCMA and CFA Charter Qualification. They are dedicated in contributing towards the success of the students by giving adequate home work and being exam focused by conducting mock exams in real exam conditions.

mercury institute

Student Testimonials

Dhakshy Thieeran - Student made lecturer at Mercury

Joining Mercury Institute to pursue ACCA, the globally recognized professional qualification with no accounting background whatsoever was one of the most challenging footsteps I took in my life as soon as I completed my O/Ls. Despite the challenges I faced, I was able to successfully complete CAT, ACCA and the B.Sc in Applied Accounting (First Class) within a short period of 3 years. read more

Savindi Doranegama - Head Prefect in 2007 at Royal Institute and currently working at Dialog Telecom as a SAP Consultant

"Mercury as its tagline says is truly unique thanks to its lecturers and management. Having being a student of Mercury for the past 3 years was a refreshing experience as they take education to a whole new level. My success in CIMA was mainly due to the unwavering support and friendship of the lecturers and management. Mercury is like a 2nd home to me.". read more

Travis Gomez - Economic and Financial Analyst

"Being a part of the CFA Program has for me been a rewarding journey. The program's commitment towards promoting ethics and professional standards in the finance profession is an inspiration. The extensive curriculum of the program has enriched my understanding of the finance field and has supported me professionally and has resulted in a marked improvement in the quality of my research reports..." read more